Chapter 138: Same Sex Only

Newbie here so.. Please bear with me.. I gave up naming naming halfway through because I keep getting confused on who’s talking.

Same Sex

“I don’t know the real meaning of being a man and a woman” (Kiel)

She had always known that she was a man, Now she’s really confused


Firo? Why are you butting in

“The reason they separate man and woman, is it because they mate?” (Firo)
Kiel was confused with Firo’s answer

Read the situation…  with a sweet sound reverberating in the air, Firo just defined what it is to be a man and a woman

How straightforward,  It looks like she understood most of what Firo was saying

I look at Raphtalia direction and shook my head

Well Rishia? Looked at their direction “It’s different!” she shouted.

“Why do you know so much? Bird!” (Naofumi)

“Come on! Firo knew from the start”(Firo)
Is it genetic memory?

No No… Maybe something happened with a Male Philoreal that she happened to meet in the forest.

“That certainly is suspicious” (Naofumi)

Firo shouted to complain about what I said

When you think about it, Firo lays eggs.

“Booo!!” (Firo)

This has become really annoying

Everyone Including Raphtalia, Everyone’s face has turned red

Young man.. it’s as if they’ve just immersed from the sea.  Is every one alright?

“I don’t like it! …  I can’t do such a thing… I will never do such a thing with Shield-niichan” (Kiel)

(TLN: I think the one talking I kiel.. because you know the “niichan” thing)

“Why would I do such a thing?”(Naofumi)

I want them to stop saying things like I’m raising them because of my ulterior motives

Damn. This is frustrating

This topic of love-affair is really getting on my nerves

I want Bitch to get captured soon to be punished and receive Divine Retribution

“Stop already with this stupid topic.. at least for the time being,  love is prohibited”(Naofumi)


The slaves were protesting

Whatever you say is useless

This is to fight the incoming wave not the declining birth-rate

I’m not here to take care of all of you, there’s simply no room for baggage

“Don’t think about such trivial things, do that when the world is already at peace”(Naofumi)

“I don’t get it” (TLN: I don’t know who’s talking)

“Why? Why is such a thing decided? Because I don’t like it. Look Raphtalia doesn’t like it either”(Naofumi)



For some reason I raised my voiced to Raphtalia

Ah!.. I was trying to change the topic. Seems like Raphtalia understood
“Our purpose is to fight the wave. 3 ½ months from now I will take those who wishes to fight the wave with us, Ofcourse I will not force you if you don’t want to”  (Naofumi)

“EH?! That wave?”(Child)

“Right.  I was summoned here to fight the wave that took the lives of your family.  So tell me if you want to fight” (Naofumi)

Just 8 people. I need more people,  I want to establish several groups

a guy from the battle squad that wants to volunteer would be ideal. These guys are still unsuitable for battle
After hearing my words Kiel remains silent

“Because I’m a woman, am I useless?”(Kiel)

“Ha? That’s not true, look around me”(Naofumi)
I’m pointing towards Raphtalia, Firo and Rishia

“Come to think of it why are they all woman?  Unbelievable!”(Kiel)

Kiel was sharp! This is annoying.

“You..  What do you want to do? Are you joining? “(Naofumi)

“Love prohibition, you just want woman to serve you” (Kiel)

(TLN: “恋愛禁止って、女はべらせて何言ってんだ!” It was hard to understand)

“Apart from me Raphtalia has no problem with another man”(Naofumi)

“EH?!” (Raphtalia)


“See Firo” (Naofumi)

“Male have no problem” (Naofumi)


“Men and Women are equal, I use whoever is efficient, so don’t be mistaken” (Naofumi)
“I see.. Shield-oniichan,  I see Two swords!”(girl)

One of the slave girls mutters alone

Seems like she misunderstood something

“That’s wrong” (Naofumi)

“What? What two sword?”(Firo)

Firo doesn’t know what I’m saying. After all it’s just genetic memory

“That… time when I heard that I was sold”

“To explain that….  Anyways, It’s troubling that love will make you unable to fight. therefore love is prohibited”(Naofumi)

The slaves were satisfied except for Kiel who nods unwillingly

“I see.. I guess I need to give my best in fighting” (Kiel)

“Ah! However, thinking about after the war… no,  My preference may become popular,  Kiel must practice peddling” (Naofumi)

“What is that?”(Kiel)

“Your face looks good so I was thinking of using that. But you are timid so I guess you’re unsuitable in peddling” (Naofumi)

“Me? N- No way!” (Kiel)

“It’s okay. Oh! It’ll be fine you should always go to the streets. Humans have more nasty ways of entertainment”(Naofumi)

“Shield-niichan the way you’re saying that is scary”(Kiel)

Was it a strange thing to say?

Anyways, If I brought Kiel in peddling I’m sure that I’ll be able to sell a lot of accessories to the ladies

Together with Raphtalia men and women would line up and give their money for the accessories

“Ah! Kiel”(Naofumi)

“What is it?”(Kiel)

“I accept same sex relationships. So have fun with Raphtalia as much as you want”(Naofumi)

It looked like I was jealous

“Such a thing, do you want Raphtalia-chan to kill me?”(Kiel)

“You may unexpectedly fall and roll.  Based on what I read in manga Raphtalia is the type that is likely not to refuse”(Naofumi)

“What is manga?”(Kiel)

“That thing is good. Anyways,  I’d like it if Raphtalia was a little rebellious” (Naofumi)

Kiel began to tremble

The look from earlier


Oozing with blood thirst, Raphtalia approached me while smiling

I think I might’ve touched a forbidden subject

“It’s for that reason. Everyone disband, bring those seafood” (Raphtalia)


After a while the female knight came to the beach

“I heard you were playing in the beach, so it’s true”(Female Knight)

“I’m just giving them a reward, these guys did their best recently”(Naofumi)

“I think they’ve been rewarded plenty enough”

Certainly, but I also want to go to the beach and eat some seafood

“Why don’t you have some fun as well” (Naofumi)

Female Knight came to sea with a swimsuit

And began to swim together with Raphtalia

Despite being so shrewd you prepared that kind of swimsuit…. What country is this

Speaking of this woman, she has strangely good relationship with Raphtalia

Unrelated to the previous topic,  It may be a little related

Actually, to love another person is good

it will increase your worries but they will be there to accompany you


Raphtalia waves her hands

“What happened? Were you drowning?”(Naofumi)

“I won’t be speaking if I was drowning..  that, why are you being rude”(Raphtalia)

Why is Raphtalia being rebellious?

I also noticed Firo

What’s with that expression? It’s as if their doing some business
“Deceiving is useless you know”(female knight)

“Ah! Yes yes!, It’s a good thing to become healthy” (Raphtalia)

(TLN: I have no idea what they’re talking about)

This could be troublesome I assume

“Shield-niichan!, I caught it!”(Kiel)

You could see the joy in her face when she caught the shellfish in the net

“Yes yes”(Naofumi)

The grill is already hot. It’s ready for grilling

Food supply is already stable so there won’t be any problems

“Eat up, After eating we’ll go back”(Naofumi)


Such a feeling today again,  I’m irresponsible, I want to stop cooking for them

A little bit more time, the monster eggs will hatch soon
It’s past noon and everyone is preparing to get back to the village

I think the monster eggs are about to hatch

Yesterday the Incubation period of the monster eggs in the contract is almost about done

So I went to the shed to check the monster eggs’ status

“Shield-niichan. What are you doing?”(Kiel)

“Just stockpiling food supplies, also the monster eggs are ready to hatch anytime soon”(Naofumi)


“Problem is… that Philoreal”(Naofumi)

That bird is really excellent at pulling carriages, but I feel anxious that there may become two monsters with really huge appetites


Firo tilted her head curiously

“It’s different, this egg is not a Philoreal”(Naofumi)

“Firo-chan has a younger sister and a younger brother?”(TLN: I don’t know if this is Firo talking in 3rd person)


“Wow!” (TLN:Again don’t know whos talking well for sure it’s either Kiel or Firo)

So noisy…. If you look at their appearance they’re just like middle school students, they’re child-like

No such thing?

“Categorically speaking, that is right”(Naofumi)

“Master, will the newborn child would like to become Firo?”(Firo)

It’s a pain to answer Firo’s question

Well whatever

“I want the monster to be able to pull a carriage, but the huge appetite is unnecessary”(Naofumi)

“Hmmmp, Perhaps. Okay”(Firo)

I faced Firo and gave such a reply

“You’re not what Master wants, You’re probably like Firo”(Firo)

Firo’s ahoge is moving towards the monster egg

There’s something in there

“Is Firo’s family born?”(Firo)


If you think about it this Philoreal will become a follower to the Philoreal Queen

“Well then what will he become? Master, I hope he becomes something amazing”(Firo)

(TLN I: this is the best translation I could come up with)

“Will you do that?”(Naofumi)


Firo is pouring some magic on the egg as she touches it

“This egg will never be the same as Firo”(Firo)

“Ah! I’m safe”(Naofumi)

But still there is a possibility that this new born will end up the same as Firo

If you consider how huge Firo became, it’ll surely become noisy. I guess there’s no helping it

Depending on the result,  we may leave raising of the Philoreal to Firo

“the eggs hatched”

“Pii!” (baby chick)

One animal was a Philorial chick. It was a slightly purple-ish kid.
Next were two caterpillars…… When these grow up they’ll be able to pull carriages. I called them Caterpilands. I absorbed their eggshells into the shield but there was no effect.
Next there were three earthworms. They appear to be a monster called a Dune. Can I leave the soil maintenance to these guys?
I set the basic prohibitions…..

“You.. you’re in charge of leveling this guy up”(Naofumi)

“Yes!” (TLN: same problem I don’t know who answered, but probably this is Firo)
the children felt like they became a parent to the pet, they were carrying it with on their shoulders as they went to the carriage

The Philoreal chick went to Firo and happily sat on top of her head “Pyaaa!”  the chick is singing

In these past few days  I was only watching if the kids were in trouble

Me, who’s from another world, did I just become their foster parent?

If we lose the wave…  I guess all the hard work that we invested will all go to waste

“Ah, after..”(girl)

“What?” (Raptalia)

“I’ll slowly learn how to cook so that I could make food for everyone anytime. Well mainly because i’m not good with fighting” (girl)

“then, I….” (girl)

the slave girl went down from the carriage

“Good for you” (Raptalia)

Certainly, the one wanting to learn how to cook was the one who requested midnight snack from Raphtalia

“yea…  I really like cooking.. but fighting is a little…”(girl)

“is that so… then do your best”(Raptalia)

“Yeah” (girl)

The girl nodded and stood next to me

“I’m going now”(girl)

Raphtalia waved her hands

“Yeah, Be safe!”(Raphtalia)

“Raphtalia-chan, is it alright to be that carefree?”(Kiel)


While waving to the girl who wants to be a cook she muttered

What are you talking about?


“Don’t worry”

What’s that?

“Well then, Im going”


The carriage made a clattering sound

“Now, then assist me”


And thus I taught the child how to cook

Though , for some reason the guy’s food was a mess

It was soo bad that the food, that the shield produced is a lot tastier

“Shield-niichan is really good with his hands”

“is that so?”

“Yeah, Fish demon was really good”

“Is that so?”

I said not to feel bad about it

“This delicious dish was made by the power of the shield. I just imagine the taste and then cook it”

“Yeah, Then shield-niichan will teach me how to cook that dish”

I ended up stepping on a landmine, but I still answered with a smile.

It’s good that I smiled

Speaking of the results,  I ended up in the position where  I was taught..  Oh well, It’s okay

This child really likes cooking, I hope she becomes very good at it. She will become a big deal someday


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