Chapter 145: Report

I wanted to buy some more time to give Yoraikun a breather… But you guys are sooooo impatient..

Class up was confirmed and then Rishia was engulfed in luminescence, Status confirmed

The whole status grew Higher,  but not that high

“How is it? What did you possibly choose?” (Naofumi)

“As expected I am … In the end I chose the best way to help, I considered all of them, It is different from the last time now I chose the path to become Universal” (Rishia)(TLN: Just to make it clear so nobody’s confused Rishia now chose to be full time all-around back then even though she’s all-around the class that she chose focuses more on close combat because itsuki is you know.. Range..  ref. Ch95  )


“I see” (Naofumi)

Rishia’s determination took form and raised her status, Still the number weren’t that really high

Rishia’s status is balance so if you compare it to Kiel you could say that it is inferior on some parts

However, Rishia chose that personally, so I feel like when the time comes it will produce great results

She is now braver than before, She now possess determination and strength

I believe that Rishia’s strength doesn’t rely on her Lvl. And status

Lvl. and status is not what makes Rishia strong I believe

“I’m next” (Kiel)

Kiel touched the hourglass after Rishia

Same magic formed, and an icon appeared in front of me


This time Firo’s ahoge disappeared , I saw Kiel’s Class up got interfered  (TLN: Firo’s ahoge also went missing when Raphtalia Classed up…  ref.ch81)

Smoke screen came out and covered the area

….. Just like when Raphtalia Classed up, Kiel’s status jumped up

However, If you compare it to the time when Raphtalia classed up it is slightly lower

“Wow!… What is this?, I can feel the power spreading all over my body”(Kiel)

“What are you even trying to say?” (Naofumi)

Firo’s ahoge activated with Kiel but not with Rishia

Does it only affect Demons and Demi-humans

Then the other slaves followed, but there are times when Firo’s ahoge does not disappear

I still don’t understand the rules

“Well then, Firo why don’t you wait outside”(Naofumi)

“Uhn” (Firo)

I want them to choose their own path, so I instructed Firo to go outside of the building(TLN: Apparently Firo’s ahoge interfere’s with the Class up making them unable to choose their own class. Remember when Firo was disappointed because she wasn’t able to choose the one that spits poison so that’s that)

The ahoge would probably not interfere with the Class up anymore

Then the Class up ended

“Well then, I have some little things to do so each and every one of you is free to do what you want. We will meet at the gates by evening”(Naofumi)

“Understood Shield nii-chan”(Kiel)

I don’t think that anyone will try to runaway but even if they do the slave crest is still in effect

“What should I do?”(Raphtalia)

Raphtalia asked

Right, Occasionally I have arranged meetings with the Queen and exchange information

In this case, I just have to send Raphtalia to the slave shop

“Go to the Slave shop on my behalf, I still need to talk to the Queen”(Naofumi)


“what about Firo?”(Firo)

“go play with the Slaves”(Naofumi)


Thus I went to meet the Queen after a long time

I headed to the Castle’s direction to and speak to the Queen

“Iwatani-sama, How’s your Village’s state of affairs?”(Queen)

“Oh well, The place is still small in number but I’ve taken actions to increase the population”(Naofumi)

“Is it?, Stories about immigrants have already come this way”(Queen)

“How’s the reconstruction going there?”(Naofumi)

“To be honest, If a war were to happen our financial state would go downhill”(Queen)

The damage would be huge..

It’s because of those Heroes’ doing, I guess there’s no helping it

“I spoke with Erena the companion of the Spear”(Naofumi)

“Yes, I’ve heard of it, to have escape with a strange ability”(Queen)

“Yeah right, It would be really hard to catch him”(Naofumi)

“I’m aware of that, that’s what I would like to discuss, how can we arrest him”(Queen)

A weak provocation would do the opposite effect. Still, letting him run loose would be troublesome. To wake up a demon class monster

Well, Motoyasu is that kind of person, sudden change of behavior seems impossible

Specially with those two, I would be in a great disadvantage if that happens as a matter of fact it would be really difficult to improve(TLN: He’s talking about Motoyasu’s companions)


“The problem is when we catch him, we need a place where he cannot escape. Putting a reward on his arrest is unreasonable because he might just flee to another country and defect, It might also become a trigger for war, Spreading the word that he is an impostor Hero, release an article that says that he is actually dead???   There’s also a risk that the people will make a fuss if the hero is killed.”

It’d be troublesome to get him aboard the boat with a stick or a chopstick

I’d like him to participate in the wave if possible

It’s impossible, I’d like to have four times the firepower but in this situation it seems impossible

The slaves also needs to be combat ready in less than 3 months

“Do you have some information regarding the other heroes?”(Naofumi)

“There are reports about some eyewitness”(Queen)

“For now, we only have reports about the Hero of the Sword and Hero of the Spear”(Queen)

“How’s that?”(Naofumi)

“Rumors was not proven yet, we’re still gathering evidence on the said information”(Queen)

That was somehow inconvenient

“How about your daughter?”(Naofumi)

“Just the same, There are some testimonies but no concrete evidence”(Queen)

She is stil alive somewhere

“I also ordered shadow to search for them but the search is not going well”(Queen)

“They can’t be found anywhere?”(Naofumi)

“There are many possible reasons.. one is maybe they’re stuck somewhere or two they’ve been arrested by enemy country”(Queen)

“There’s also a possibility of a Jamming tool”(Queen)

“Tool? Is there such a thing?”(Naofumi)

“The problem is the organization that frees the slave…

“That was a high grade slave crest so undoing it will be difficult so jamming it is the only possible way to make up for it”(Queen)

It seems that way

Again this stories about an Organization that frees the slaves…

“This story is of no importance to Iwatani-sama, however the news about the Seven-star Heroes is still not within our grasp”(Queen)

“but the story is that we will meet them when a much more pressing situation takes place”(Naofumi)

“Right, it will take place”(Queen)

“Anything else?”(Naofumi)

“Stories about an unknown metal has been excavated on the Spirit Turtle’s cave,  the city’s liven up because of those stories”(Queen)


Such stories would definitely attract blacksmiths and merchants to come. As expected of the Turtle’s cave to give such opportunities

This means,  I should also go there to gather raw materials to enhance my shield

Spirit turtle’s metal and Spirit Turtle’s crystal

Those kinds.

“We should raise the tax around this area, if you do that it will help raise the city’s funds,  it will help rebuild the city.  Also the weapon’s made from that metal seems to be of high quality”(Naofumi)

“I wish I could raise the tax”(Queen)

It seems uneconomical.  I guess I should go there instead, buying Raphtalia and Firo a gift seems impossible

“Should I give special permission for Iwatani-sama to mine?”(Queen)

“I’ll think about it”(Naofumi)

Selling the ores is likely to be profitable but on the other hand it feels like it’s such a waste

“I understand, afterwards I will send you samples of the actual ore”(Queen)

Usually I would send several requests to the Old Man from the weapon shop. However I don’t have the money to make requests to him…
If it’s him he would probably do it for me on kindness alone. But especially because he is like that, I want to reward him.

“There are other problems, Lately there has been a rumor that an Alchemist Master awakened inside the Spirit Turtle “(Queen)
“There are other problems,  Lately there has been a rumor that an Alchemist Master awakened inside the Spirit Turtle “(Queen)(TLN: If you read the Christmas special by Yoraikun you will understand)

“What is that?”(Naofumi)

Such rumors arrives at the Queen’s ears, as expected of a problem child

“There is no one superior when in comes to researching demons. The problem is that person will end up deviating from the original course”(Queen)


Research investigation huh? I should also start my research with the bio plant

If it all goes well, I feel like it will be really profitable

Business is back on track, For the first time it is something good.  It looks like it’ll be quite a challenge when I get back.

I need to gather talented people so that even if I fail I’ll be able to cope up with it

“Do you have anything else?”
“Please give me the used weapons of the knights. Then, please issue me the required documents for peddling”(Naofumi)

I deal with things in various ways and as for the weapon it is necessary because of the increasing number of slaves

I need those documents for the Peddling team

I feel that it is necessary so that there won’t be impostors

“I understand. However Iwatani-sama, impersonating you seems impossible”(Queen)

“What do you mean?”(Naofumi)

“Since the story about you eating the Rokoru fruit is true they would have to eat it to prove their selves”(Queen)

“Indeed.. Such a thing exist”(Naofumi)

It happened once when they gave it to me and I ate it, that guy’s face became pale “It’s real” he made such a fuss over it.

“Nope, I still need it in case they asked for proof. If the Queen’s seal is there, impersonation will be really difficult”(Naofumi)

“I see, well then I shall deliver the weapons and the documents later”(Queen)

Weapons huh?

I wonder if there’re prototype weapons, I wonder if they will send it to my place

“What’s the matter?”(Queen)


I have little expectation on that. For some reason I could see the Queen is calculating numbers, I understand that it is really tough for her.

Are you still alright financially? she’s really anxious about those numbers

“Let’s help out each other in the restoration”(Naofumi)

“You’re right”(Queen)

There’s only this much words that I could hear from the Queen

“Come to think of it…  Where’s Trash?”(Naofumi)

“I made him watch over the border”(Queen)

“a Watchkeeper?”(Naofumi)

“Yes, No one will be stupid enough to invade if the wise and intelligent King is in the lookout.. right?”(Queen)

“Is there any effect if that ignorant and fooling King is guarding?”(Naofumi)

“It’s been effective in these past several years, so there will be no problem. Moreover he’s the one who summoned all Four Heroes which the other countries failed to do”(Queen)

“Right, such point of view exist”(Naofumi)

The Queen sighed really deep

“That man was really excellent till he had a child”(Queen)

“I can only imagine”(Naofumi)

“Just maybe, I hope that he becomes the person he used to be. Iwatani-sama it would be good if you could meet that excellent person”(Queen)

That manner of speaking is just like a person who handles Human Affairs

First child huh? I wonder if that child was bitch. I now understand why Trash’s head became so messed up.

I wonder about bitch but if I were to have children they would definitely be adorable

As a matter of fact I became like a mother, there are times that I want to beat those slaves

And Kiel would be the first one on the list but recently Valley Child is the one I want to beat the most(TLN: Valley child is “Taniko”)

“Such a thing, where would that charming person be?”(Naofumi)

“Indeed, but if you look at Melty isn’t she adorable?”(Queen)


Your daughter is really cute but to make me consider a child? What a terrible parent

It is a game where my parents are good at

If you think about it my parents’ expectation towards my younger brother might’ve multiplied.

If you think about parents’ expectation towards bitch, it seems Trash really loves Bitch

Well it may vary

…. I ended up thinking that terrible thing as something good

“Well then, I still have some things to do”(Naofumi)

“Yes, I watani-sama I sincerely wish for your Village’s restoration to finish soon”(Queen)

“You don’t say”(Naofumi)(TLN: This translation seems appropriate hahaha)

“Oya?!, at this rate it will definitely be a success because your reputation is now really good(Queen)


As expected of Melromarc’s fox lady

Leaving such impression after talking with the Queen, I left the castle

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