Chapter 159: Perfect Hidden Justice

Chapter 159 by Yoraikun

Inlitify OA

I apologize, I thought that HellSatan had given it up…

Chapter 159: Perfect Hidden Justice

I apply my blood to the slave sealing ink and leave the rest to the slave dealers.

“Don’t register something else with it like last time.” (Naofumi)
“I already understand.” (Slave Dealer)

I’ll file a complaint if I get another random slave mixed in.

“Now then, while the registration happens, you will have free time, so why not check the Coliseum upstairs? Yes.” (Slave Merchant)
“Fine.” (Naofumi)

On the Slave Merchant’s orders, the Slave Dealer begins to lead me towards the Coliseum.
And, with nothing else to do, we follow him.
According to the Slave Dealer, today they are holding free matches.
Anyone can enter if they want money.
The spectators bet on who will win, and many will lose all of their money.
We get out of the dungeon area, and begin climbing some…

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