Chapter 182: Wrath Dragon

I mostly paraphrased the sentences so don’t expect a precise translation.. and also if you read this and you don’t greet kookie a happy birthday.. I will send yanderes to your house.. your call..

“G U R U !?”(Gaelion)

That way of speaking stopped Gaelion’s movements

Oh! Did the parent-child love move his heart?

Is that it?



“I had my hunch, I knew it I was right”(Rat)

Rat is muttering something, looks like she’s convinced

“Uhnn,  My father… My father is the dragon that occupies this area”(Taniko)

Taniko nods and then talked to Gaelion

“It’s true.  There are stories about children who grew up in the wilderness and those stories usually include demons, monsters and dragons” (Rat)
What the? That’s a typical wolf boy phrase(TLN: I think he’s referring to a player)

Eh? Is Taniko really raised by a dragon?

No matter how I look her, Taniko is definitely something related to a dog, there’s not even a single hint of her being a dragon

In the first place the rotten dragon is…….. Impossible.  In this case, did the dragon become her parent while it’s alive?

Then, is that the special way of chanting magic something she learned from the dragon?

Why does Sadina know how to use that magic?


Sadina looks this way


She’s annoying

I’ll hear about it later


“Stop it already…. Father. Soon, this place will become nothing.  I understand your hate for that hero who took away everything from you.  However, troubling other won’t change anything in this word.. So please stop it!”

“G U ……”(Gaelion)

Gaelion is groaning it seems like Taniko’s words are affecting him

I covered my ears with both of my hands; I don’t want to hear it

“When will this stop? I know that the hero that took away my happiness, Father’s happiness cannot be forgiven. But the shield hero is different. Everybody from the village is kind and gentle.  They were different from the people of this country who beat and whipped me if I did something wrong. They were different from the people in the village who laughed while taking away father’s treasures”

Taniko is crying from remembering all the things that happened while trying to persuade Gaelion

I simply covered my ears not wanting to hear their conversation

Don’t tell me, when a dragon raises an adopted child…. It violates one’s process of maturity, Am I being influenced by games too much?

“Please… Please return that child’s body back . . . . That child I’ll raise it. . . . that child’s name is Gaelion, the same as yours, I promise that your name will still live with him . . . and also please return Firo’s strength back to her. Father, you don’t belong here anymore”

“G Y A O O O O O O!”(Wrath dragon)

And then something began to move inside his head intensely

And. . . .

“Gyaa … Gyaaa”

“Gyu aaaa”

Something that looks like a newborn Gaelion came out from the dragon’s mouth

The experience level and growth element has been sucked along with him, Seems like that prevents the dragon from rampaging

And then… … The figure of the dragon that we fought earlier became covered in black and started dissolving while glaring at us

After that I turn my gaze towards Taniko

“Father..  I will do anything… I will stop you”(Taniko)

When taniko came back to her senses Melty and Sadina took a huge breath

“Sadina onee-chan, Let’s stop father” (Taniko)


“I have no choice but to do it” (Taniko)

The 3 of them gathered and started chanting choral magic

That was really fast, Taniko’s chant seems like it’s affecting him

I don’t think so, and then the small Gaelion flapped its wings and flew to the 3 of them chanting the magic

Then I directed my focus at the black dyed dragon that
’s melting

“GYAOOOOOOO ! “(Wrath dragon)

This is Taniko’s father. . . . the one that I fought before. Back then he didn’t even fangs and horns. Now he looks a lot more dangerous than before

“Count, Is your wound alright?”(Rat)

“How does it look?”(Naofumi)


It’s the Dark Curse Burning’s flame.  Well. . .the flame is getting weak, so you cannot consider it as a fatal injury

Though it felt like receiving a curse combined with another curse for additional damage

“My curse resistance decreased but there’s holy water so we don’t have to worry about that and somehow chant that they’re doing affects it” (Naofumi)

I move closely to protect Taniko and the others

Gaelion leaped towards us, and I held my ground

“It’s dangerous, get back”

『This is perilous (Gaelion)

“wha. . “

Gaelion spoke

However, why is his voice so low?

『Don’t lose your composure, we’ll be exposed by wyndia』 (Gaelion)

“You. . . “(Naofumi)

So he’s the father version of Gaelion.
It’s not the child version of Gaerion who is doing the possessing.


『My daughter’s growth has been a good one. Hero of the Shield, there is one thing that I’d like to teach you. Did you even notice? 』(Gaelion)

“If I know what you’re talking about then you wouldn’t have teach me. So no, I don’t know what you’re talking about” (Naofumi)

I glared at Gaelion with hostility

It’s a different name, or should I say that I understand what his status have become

Wrath Dragon

The name of the black dragon slowly disappeared within my sight

『It is the corruption within me ate all your hatred away.  All of the hate that it gathered took form and thus what’s making me lose control. Hurry, kill me before I start rampaging again』(Gaelion)(TLN: although they were referring to killing the wrath dragon.. I think he’s talking to them via the little Gaelion)

“ Don’t you understand? I cannot attack you” (Naofumi)

Originally, I could attack enemies because of the Wrath shield. However, I can’t do it if I can’t summon the shield

(TLN: he can’t use it because his hate is being sucked by the dragon making him unable to summon the curse shield series)

『Be at ease, I will cooperate with you and release the attack. Hold your ground and endure it 』(Gaelion)

“Yes yes, That is something that I always do”(Naofumi)

『I see that’s the case. Inside the shield、resides the memories of the past events though it’s too much……I’m entrusting it to you』(Gaelion)(TLN: this is how I understand this line.. if you have a better one please tell me thnx :Dそうだったな。盾の中で、汝の記憶とこれまでの出来事を追体験していた我からしたら余計な事か……まかせたぞ)



Seriously, I can’t shake this feeling off. I’m feeling a bit uneasy about this

Gaelion joined the party to speed up the chanting

The Wrath Dragon released its attack. The attack power of each attack kept on increasing; it was definitely getting stronger

I’m starting to feel pain and numbness, It was a similar pain that I felt back then with the curse of Blutopfer. I can’t hold out much longer. This will make me go crazy

However, I was able to push him back even though he’s attacking me relentlessly


He bites with his full strength; He’s attacking above me attempting to pin me down

I’m using meteor shield and shield prison each time he attacks, I also use air strike shield to avoid and stop his attacks

『The Cursed Earth that bring hatred but gives the thought of a clear stream washing all the grudges away.  Dragon Pulse the power that comes from the desire to save the world. I wish for a miracle』(Gaelion)

『 I Gaelion order the heavens, order the earth, and remove the laws and ties, in attempt to discharge the sea. My power, to feel once again the controlled power that’s flowing within』(Gaelion)

The shield translates it all so I understand what Gaelion was chanting. The shield was making a relentless noise; I displayed the translation within my sight.  Does Sadina notice? I faced toward Gaelion

『『Erase Aqua Splash!』』


『『Water Dragon Destruction Wave!』』

The magic that the three of them chanted is finished, then magic power overflow around Gaelion

“Eh !?” (Melty)

Taniko’s raising her voice and surprised Melty who’s sitting down because of fatigue

Sadina with a harpoon on one hand started to run

Gaelion gathered the magic power and turned it into a ball

“Naofumi-chan and Rato-san,  Support!”(Sadina)


“Tsuveit Aura” (Naofumi)

“Fast Power! Fast Magic!”(Rat)

I covered Magic support and Rat covered Physical Attack Speed

“Lets go!. Gaelion-chan”(Sadina)


Gaelion cries out

Gaelion took a deep breath and blew the magic ball

Afterwards a huge amount of water gushed out from the ball, and then we attacked him

Sadina entered the gushing water, swam and raised a tornado.

These guys’ attacks are a lot flashier than Raphtalia and Firo. Could it be possible that she is stronger than those two?

But if you think about it Sadina’s status isn’t really that high

Is this somehow because of the correction?

You can’t say that it is strong just because it’s flashy. . . . Its bothering me

If it’s the old me, surely I would complain

It should be from a robot that transforms using electromagnetic waves to combine and then attacks the enemy with a fatal technique, Sadina runs through the Wrath Dragon while turning.

Gaelion took a hit and the mass of water disappeared at the same time

“H-how is that. .  . ! ?”(Sadina)

Sadina lands beside the Wrath Dragon shoulder. Of course, I checked the Wrath Dragon’s health

The dragon has a hole in his abdomen but still walked slowly towards even though he’s stumbling and when he got near me he roared.

If felt like victory have smiled upon us


“He has an amazing vitality. . . Onee-san don’t overdo yourself”(Taniko)

『I underestimated the emotions of thou, I never expected that after they had been eaten by me, I would have have such specs』(Gaelion)

All of the members have reached their limits

Is it only me and Rato the only ones that can move?

“Rato, Can you do something about this?”

“”It’s uh…… I only have a medicine that boosts defense at most.”

“Give it to me”

“Alright. . . Alright”

Rato tossed the medicine into the bucket with hot water without any hesitation

It exploded with a bang, when it dissolved it created a strange smell; which smelled in various ways.

“It was quite expensive . . . but we have to do something before we die here”(Rato)

“Give it up. . . I’ll lure him, let’s retreat”(Naofumi)

It will end like this after all

“I will keep him here, you guys escape first I will follow you afterwards” (Naofumi)

I don’t like self-sacrifice. I mean, I don’t want to do such a thing

Though I receive damage from it, it’ll be fine as long as I can avoid it

We should escape first and kill it later. We should prepare when Raphtalia is already here

What about Firo? Is she okay? She can’t die. . . She’s too cute to die

. . . . something’s strange

I’m absolutely feeling strange somewhere

Do I always have this kind of character?

“. . . It’s time.”

I heard footsteps and a voice that I’m familiar with

When I looked back somehow, Raphtalia and Atla riding Firo just arrived at the right time

“Raphtalia onee-chan. . . Please”(Firo)

“Leave it to me”(Raphtalia)

“Raphtalia-san please Naofumi-sama and the others”(Atla)

Are the preparations for combat done beforehand? Raphtalia’s sword is shining brightly

As soon as the Wrath dragon saw Raphtalia, the dragon’s mouth expanded and become frightened and turned away attempting to fly into the sky

Why is that?  That composure that you’re showing, are you not affected? Raphtalia is scary

“I won’t let you escape”(Raphtalia)

Raphtalia used Firo as a stepping stone, leaps and slash the Wrath Dragon


I raised a big voice. Raphtalia slashed the dragon, it created a wind pressure and the dragon was cut in half. The 2 halves fell to the ground

“Father…… I’m sorry. I won’t look back any more.”(Taniko)


I stared at Taniko’s back who  put both hands together and shed tears for Gaelion

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