Chapter 198 by Hlentai


Well then, let’s bear witness to this public execution. How good of a fight Female Knight can put up against Ren corroded by the curse. For now let’s try analyzing.

Of course, I have taken shelter. What is happening with the current Ren’s status I wonder?

From Greed, the sword transformed. Looking carefully, there are various ornaments on the sword. On the sword guard is a dog-like being…a fox? In addition, something pig-like is on the handle. But…Ren’s manner of speaking became strange after the transformation. Obtain everything and consume, huh.

Presuming from this, changing to consume, the possibility that he has also awakened Gluttony exists. There is a chance that the curse increases if one is easily defeated. I must be cautious if a chance to fight Itsuki comes.

Motoyasu? I don’t want to get near that guy. It has been peaceful lately because he has not appeared. At that time, he will probably be chasing Firo.

…An intensely pointless thought. Let’s concentrate in front of me now.

“I, will become the strongest! I’m growing even in this instant, gaining strength eternally from the future, watch me defeat someone like you and consume the EXP!” (Ren)

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3 responses to “Chapter 198 by Hlentai

  1. goblinrou December 17, 2014 at 11:33 am

    “…he collapsed like in anime.” LOL

    Sword hero down


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