Chapter 213: Nap

Inlitify OA

“Naofumi, you dense Motherfucker”


Chapter 213: Nap

After returning to the village, I took a light nap.
Because of Firo’s misconduct, I have forbid her from coming into my bed.
In order to keep up the Atlas countermeasures, I invited Melty over, but…

“W-w-why do I have to sleep with Naofumi!?” (Melty)
“Originally, it was Firo’s duty, but as she caused quite an uproar, she has been banished as a punishment.” (Naofumi)

I asked Rat for the reason for her suddenly going to heat.
She said it may be because I slept next to her so much.
Something about… Being attached to me, or something.
I have no idea what she’s trying to say.

I have no intentions of setting up house in this world.
Building a Harem in another world?
I threw away such dreams long ago.

“And so her successor is you, Melty. I thought I would…

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