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Chapter 205 by Hlentai


Season of Love

W…What? I woke up to a sensation like something heavy fell. But I can’t move my body and felt really hot.


Awfully rough breathing can be heard. I took a look, and of all things, Firo was pressing on me in Filo Rial Queen form while she slept face up.

“Oi! Why are you on me! Rather don’t break the rules we set!” (Naofumi)
“Haa…haa…n…” (Firo)

Firo’s eyes are suspicious. I wonder what, the eyes of a carnivore or rather, her eyes now resemble times when she’s about to attack a monster in battle. Nevertheless, her breathing is rough. She swallowed saliva with a gokuri, then once again stared at me with rough breathing.

…Chills ran down my back. For now I’ll call out the monster crest item and invoke the penalty on Firo! Electricity ran through the monster crest item with a bachi-.

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Chapter 204 by Hlentai

Dragon Pulse

While drinking magic water, I continue my researching by compounding medicine. If this influences everything, then I might be able to assist with the weapon shop Old Man’s efforts. At least, I can put magic power into the raw materials, even if I only help with the purification of metals, a something good might come out.

“I made you wait” (Gaelion)
“Mu-! Don’t come!” (Firo)

Firo is being competitive again. Gaelion brought Atla with him. Sadina is already drinking sake in my room. This fellow can also use Dragon Pulse so techniques will be learned.

“I have come to sleep in the same room today too” (Atla)
“Ah I see. You came without learning your lesson” (Firo)

Though Firo was entirely causing the disturbance, well done. Incidentally, Ren was running laps around the village throughout today too. Well done. He also helped with the village’s routine tasks, consisting mainly of manual or physical labor. Though Taniko has not realized how hard she is to deal with, her high-handed character is improving, and she appears to be opening her heart a little to the villagers. Though I don’t really care.

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Chapter 203 by Hlentai

Flow of Magic Power

Firo and Atla came back the next morning. The noise settled down, people with a level of 66 stuck in my chest as an auspicious number.

“Now then Atla, focus on the attack I’ve requested, and use it nimbly for me to see” (Naofumi)
“Do you mean like this?” (Atla)

I received Atla’s thrust, applying Peerless Transformation style’s concept of ki to herself. It let out a good sound, bashin-.

The foreign substance coming into my body…the magic power, I release outside after attaching my own magic power. In the midst of receiving the attack many times, I became able to receive mostly no damage.

Do I not have a way to use the flow of magic power well? I tried experimenting with attack methods, but it seems my lack of offensive power is guaranteed as it did not turn out well.

…The chances that I can use anything but attacks are high. Perhaps it is because of my element as the Hero of the Shield, or maybe it is the nature of magic power.

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Chapter 202: Amnesty


“So it’s really that.” (Naofumi)
“Yes.” (Queen)
From here onwards is just conjecture, but a few thoughts come to mind.
There is the possibility of the beloved little sister of Trash being treated as a plaything by the Hakuko from Silt Welt, getting raped and becoming pregnant with Fohl and Atla.
But why that wasn’t brought up in discussion and various other questions arise.
However, from Fohl and Atla’s descriptions of their past, they hadn’t been treated badly.
Then, had the little sister and her Hakuko partner actually been in love just like in a soap opera?
I didn’t really know the particulars.
But Atla’s confusing Trash with Fohl could be said to have been her sensing their blood ties.
Just that, they said that they had simply been rich but….
“Fohl and Alta are half human?” (Naofumi)
“Who knows…. I was really little after all…If you want to…

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Chapter 201: Trash and Atlas

Inlitify OA

Depending on how fast KookieDreamer, Hlentai and Reyak work, I might be on break for a bit. And now here I present to you The Rise of the Trash Hero

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Chapter 201: Trash and Atlas

“Firo-chan’s back!” (Atlas)

Atlas says as she comes into the house.
I wonder if she managed to get back the levels she lost.
With just a little more, Atlas will be able to Class Up. The two are actually quite close in level now.

“Her timing is quite good.” (Naofumi)

I leave Female Knight and Ren to their training, and go out to meet Firo.

『I, who has understood the source of power command. Let the truth once more be read…

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Chapter 200: Repent

Inlitify OA

Chapter 200: Repent

After I thought the time was right, I went off and made breakfast.
Some slaves had already begun preparing it, so I worked with them to cook.
After that, we distribute food to the villagers.

By the way, the second thing that surprised me was that the amount of child slaves increased.
While I was away, it seems the Slave Dealer stopped by and dropped them off.
He left the materials needed to engrave the slave seal with Kiel and the others.
The village has reached a point where the slaves will train the new slaves without my direct involvement.

Apparently, I’m too soft, so the actual manager is Raphtalia, and to some extent, Kiel and the other slaves I brought over first.
The fact that I’m the leader hasn’t changed, but most of the training and tasks are done by the slaves themselves, so I don’t…

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Chapter 199: The Morning of the Shield Hero

Inlitify OA

Chapter 199: The Morning of the Shield Hero

I have to get up early in the mornings.
I wake up much earlier than the slaves.
Of course, this is only when I don’t stay up too late into the night.
Occasionally I stay up making medicine or completing other miscellaneous tasks.

Yesterday, we dragged Ren to the village. I was tired from battle, so I slept early.
I look in the bed next to mine, and see Sadina sleeping peacefully with Atlas.

“Uu… Sadina-san. You’re being too forceful…” (Atlas)
“St…op~…” (Sadina)

What exactly are these two dreaming about?
Are they training in their dreams as well? What sort of Manga is this?

“Kyua… Kyua…” (Gaelion)

Just in case, child mode Gaelion is on standby in my bed. If Atlas tries to crawl into the bed, he has to drive her out.

Now then.
I crawl out of bed and leave…

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Chapter 198 by Hlentai


Well then, let’s bear witness to this public execution. How good of a fight Female Knight can put up against Ren corroded by the curse. For now let’s try analyzing.

Of course, I have taken shelter. What is happening with the current Ren’s status I wonder?

From Greed, the sword transformed. Looking carefully, there are various ornaments on the sword. On the sword guard is a dog-like being…a fox? In addition, something pig-like is on the handle. But…Ren’s manner of speaking became strange after the transformation. Obtain everything and consume, huh.

Presuming from this, changing to consume, the possibility that he has also awakened Gluttony exists. There is a chance that the curse increases if one is easily defeated. I must be cautious if a chance to fight Itsuki comes.

Motoyasu? I don’t want to get near that guy. It has been peaceful lately because he has not appeared. At that time, he will probably be chasing Firo.

…An intensely pointless thought. Let’s concentrate in front of me now.

“I, will become the strongest! I’m growing even in this instant, gaining strength eternally from the future, watch me defeat someone like you and consume the EXP!” (Ren)

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Chapter 197 by Hlentai

//wall of sometimes convoluted text, be warned. a couple times wordier than normal


“If you won’t do it then I will–” (Naofumi)
“No, I shall do it. Though I hold no grudge” (Atla)

Atla went forward saying that. Hou, I must raise my evaluation of Atla.

“Enough of that!” (Female Knight)
“You’re in the way! Move! Shield Prison!” (Naofumi)

Because Female Knight was being annoying, this should silence her.

“Hmph!” (Female Knight)

Female Knight easily destroyed the Prison with a bakin- and got out. Oi. To destroy the prison in one blow when Ren needed a few seconds, just what kind of specs is Peerless Transformation style hiding.

“If Iwatani-dono has that intention, I also have my own thoughts” (Female Knight)

Female Knight drew her sword and took a stance toward me.

“…Having me as your opponent, I’m guessing you do know the significance of that?” (Naofumi)

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Chapter 196 by Hlentai

Reality VS Ideal

“…Foolishness” (Gaelion)

Gaelion gazed at Ren with scornful eyes. I’m sure I have those same eyes right now, probably.

“Foolish one who acts superior. It is the way of the world for the strongest to be overtaken. The knowledge of the Dragon Emperor who was once the strongest speaks of such. Know that being the strongest is but a tower built from sand” (Gaelion)

The time left is 1:30.

“Let that one be carved! Flames of purgatory! Prominence – Dark Nova!” (Gaelion)

With a ka-, Gaelion unleashed a Breath with the might of a sea of flames towards Ren.

“Instant – Dragonslayer! Chain – Bind! Change Chain!” (Ren)

Ren boldly fired consecutive skills, but–.

“Useless! Foolish Hero of the Sword!” (Gaelion)

All of Ren’s attacks were erased by the might of Breath.

“Not yet! It’s not over yet!” (Ren)

Ren’s sword changed once again. Grow Up huh? Certainly, there was the thing with my shield of anger changing into the Wrath Shield. There is no doubt this looks just like that. In that case, the chances of Ren’s sword becoming stronger are high.

“That’s right. I’ve discovered a new technique! Rakshasa – Meteor Sword” (Ren)

You just used that earlier!
Speaking as if you’ve just discovered a technique you’ve been using until now. Even by manga principles, that does not apply to techniques you’ve already put to use once. What is this. Really.

“For this sinner the punishment I have chosen is crushing by God’s name! Using what is mine, have this one receive God’s

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