Chapter 240: Research Material

Inlitify OA

I’m sorry for the rant. That was just my way to blow of steam. It was late. I was Young. I was stuck indoors for 24+ hours by a feet of snow.

Let me say I hold no animosity towards PROzess, or Krytyk. I like and respect both of their works. With Krytyk, the only thing I really wanted was to clarify my translating methods to avoid misunderstanding. They both do really good work. I’m a fan. As for PROzess, I hold nothing against him/her whatsoever, it just so happened that the comments I wanted to object to were on his/her blog.

Oh yes, and to those of you who don’t know, my icon is Elizabeth.

Chapter 240: Research Material

“Is this supposed to be an old RPG Dungeon…” (Naofumi)

There were plenty of traps, but we managed to destroy them through physical means.
Rocks chased us, and the ceiling fell on us…

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